Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Tsubasa Masukawa launching new magazine; "TOKYO DOT"


Tsubasa Masukawa, which used to be a popular Gyaru model, and now is the producer of the successful girly brand "EATME", has announced she is launching a fashion and lifestyle magazine, under the name of "TOKYO DOT". 

The first issue, releasing April 14th of 2021, has both Tsubasa and Risa Nakamura on the cover. You can purchase the magazine through Amazon Japan.
With a theme of "textbooks that are not learned in schools", the magazine will focus on fashion and beauty, as well as Tokyo culture as perceived by editor-in-chief Masuwaka and co-editor Wada Naoki.

Besides Risa and Tsubasa, other popular models like Kirara Asuka and Noah Sato will appear in the upcoming magazine.
The popular model-duo, the twins AMIAYA who are well known on the streets of Tokyo are also taking part in the first issue of the magazine. Tsubasa has also announced that she is planning to tie the magazine's text up with YouTube videos, and interested readers should keep tuned for those.

Tsubasa described her wishes to create a magazine as well:
"I grew up reading magazines since I was adolescent and even became a reader-model. Nowadays, there's this atmosphere where you can feel like you shouldn't be afraid to be different or to fail. When I was in my thirties, I wondered if people would keep being like that, trying new things and shine.
So I came into wanting to create suggestions that even younger people could enjoy. I wanted to create a magazine that would make students think "This is a textbook that I wasn't taught at school about!" 
I believe there are many people who are thinking they are too old to enjoy new things. My ideal is to make a magazine that everyone can find themselves in, to mix fashion and other things so that anyone would be able to follow it. A magazine that will transcend gender, which is rare for a magazine. 
I would be happy if we could live through "TOKYO DOT" together. Please look forward to it."

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